Why Stomach Acid Is Good for You!

I want to share this excellent video that was created by a fellow NTP.  It is a short clip intended to provide you with the basics behind why you may be suffering from Heartburn and Acid Reflux. So often folks reach for a solution to a symptom rather than getting to the root cause of why they may be experiencing a particular symptom.  Covering up the signs of a problem do not solve the problem.   I would like to encourage you to think of a symptom as your body communicating with you that all is not well.  Think about when your engine light in your car lights up.  Do you take it to the mechanic and ask him to make it go off? No. You do not. You take it to him and say, "Could you please find out what caused my engine light to come on and address the problem?" Let's be honest. This is exactly how you should be approaching the health of your body.  If you are consistently covering up the problem you may be experiencing instead of getting to the root cause then how do you expect your body to thrive?  It simply cannot.  I encourage you to start treating your body as well as you treat your car. Enjoy the video!

Be Nourished. Be Well.