The World of Nutritional Therapy and How I Fit Into It

Hello everyone! I wanted to write a brief post about what is new in my world and share some exciting news with you.

In June 2015 I graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA), as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP.) It was by far one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences I have been through.  I connected with the most wonderful group of individuals and Austin, TX has become a new favorite destination.

When I began my journey I was still unsure of what I was going to do upon graduation.  I knew I wanted to help as many people as I could but I was undecided as to what that would look like.  As of today I am making plans to actually have a physical office space so that I can open my doors to those wishing to regain their health and vitality through nutrition.

This fall I will begin offering some services so stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

Let me briefly explain what I hope to accomplish with my work as an NTP.  First, my mission is to educate and empower others to take control of their health using nutrient dense foods and supplementation where necessary.  I believe that getting to the root cause of a symptom is much more valuable than simply alleviating it with medication.  Because let’s be honest…that does not cure the problem, it simply reduces the symptoms that result from the problem.

Secondly, I hope to guide clients to implement what they have learned through me into their entire households.  I cannot stress enough the importance of educating our youth so that they may live healthful lives and carry that on to future generations. We are in a state of crisis and it is time to take control of our health and the health of our families.

The name of my Nutritional Therapy practice is Be Nourished Be Well. I chose this name because I believe that once we get back to nourishing our bodies with  whole nutrient dense foods then we can begin to walk the path of wellness once again. Everyone deserves to live with vitality and so many of us have lost that!  It is time to regain the vitality you once possessed and it begins with healing from the inside out.  Please follow along with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my website as I begin this journey.